Get Access to Professional RTO Consulting Services

Are you spending a lot of time making sure your RTO meets ASQA standards? Perhaps you haven’t spent much time and you are beginning to fall behind badly. Whatever the case, you need a trusted assistant to help shoulder the load of government requirements for your RTO certification. Look to Vivacity – RTO consultants dedicated to making sure that you are on par with the requirements so you can focus your time and energy on what you do best.

Vivacity offers a complete array of services to aspiring as well as existing RTOs. These RTO consultants services are cost effective by helping you save time and money getting your initial RTO certification or helping you keep your existing RTO up to standards.

Vivacity’s RTO service packages:

RTO Reboot Package

With this package, Vivacity will give your existing RTO a 2-day internal audit by Vivacity RTO internal auditors to see if you are in compliance with government standards. After the internal audit is complete, Vivacity will develop a plan for your RTO to get you where you need to be. They will coach you and help you prepare for your upcoming ASQA audit.

Internal Audit Package

Similar to the Reboot Package, this package also includes a Vivacity internal audit to help discover your strengths and weaknesses in compliance with government standards. While the Reboot focuses more on preparation for an ASQA audit, this package sticks to the Vivacity audit and focuses more on RTO compliance management – keeping you where you need to be.

Quality and Compliance Package

Also for existing RTOs, this package provides all the updated paperwork, training procedure manuals, handbooks, and ongoing strategies to maintain ASQA compliance.

The Kickstart Package

This package is perfect for those that want to set up an RTO for the first time. Vivacity provides everything you need to become a registered RTO and get your business off the ground. Vivacity is familiar with all the ASQA requirements and will create a custom package for your business. This package contains: ASQA audit responses, customized training and procedures manuals, a ten year business plan for your RTO, a new staff induction PowerPoint presentation specifically for your RTO, and much more. The Kickstart package will get you started right.

Addition to Scope

Vivacity will assist you with adding a new qualification or unit of competency to your existing RTO. With this package you can easily get licensed to teach a new area of expertise without the headache of trying to make sure you’ve covered all the bases on your own.

Consulting Services and Workshops

Vivacity RTO consultants offers all kinds of consulting for RTOs and they are dedicated to making sure your RTO is in compliance so you can focus on what you do best. They even offer workshops on topics such as Quality & Compliance, Continuous Improvement, Being Audit Ready, Session Planning, and Social Networking.

Whether you are interested in starting up your own RTO or you already have one, Vivacity is the gold standard in RTO consultancy and the helping hand you need by your side to ensure that you are hassle-free and in compliance.