Finding The Best Obstetrician for Prenatal Care

In modern medicine, prenatal care is crucial for you and your baby’s health; whether pre or post delivery. Hence, you must find the best obstetrician North Shoremarket has if you live here. You can start your search by asking friends with children for recommendations, spending hours online and requesting appointments at various centers. Click here for more info obstetrician north shore

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This article talks about a few considerations to be kept in mind when looking for an obstetrician North Shorebased. This way you can eliminate any future doubts or concerns by being prepared during your first trimester.

When Should You Start Prenatal Care

Also referred to as antenatal care, taking advantage of medical preventive healthcare is the basic step of responsible parenting. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported recently that an estimated 830 women die everyday from complications in pregnancy and childbirth. They also recommend that pregnant women should receive at least four prenatal visits for immunizations to spot and treat problems. Other than your GP, you should visit your chosen obstetrician North Shore has today monthly during the first two trimesters, fortnightly during weeks 28 to 36, weekly after 36 weeks until delivery, which is usually your 42nd week, for thorough assessments.

What Occurs During Prenatal care

You should schedule an appointment with your local obstetrician as soon as you think you are pregnant, with ample time for all your enquiries. Your health care provider will first ask you questions regarding your medical history which includes your menstrual cycle, history of diseases that occurred in your family, any use of medication you are currently taking, any past pregnancies and through questions regarding your lifestyle, which may include use of birth control, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, allergies and exercise habits. Please do not hesitate to answer questions honestly, since your obstetrician will be able to guide you and your baby safely during the rest of your pregnancy, alleviating unnecessary pain and complications closer to your due date.

You will also be required by most obstetricians to undergo several blood tests to determine accurate pregnancy, Rh factors in your blood stream, hemoglobin count and to rule out auto immune diseases, HIV, Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatitis B and other diseases that may affect the health of your new born.

Why Is Prenatal Care Important

After the required tests and diagnosis, your medical professional will be able to recommend the best vitamins, dietary charts and any alternate doses of medications necessary for a healthy pregnancy. The tests are vital, revealing dormant medical risks you may not have been aware of in your family’s medical history and can mentally prepare you regarding any risks during childbirth.

Prenatal Services You Should Look For

There are many services available at the clinics for comprehensive pregnancy care. Some offer various prenatal care services at the same location, saving time and money working around your busy schedule. From the most obvious women’s ultrasound sessions, which are seen by qualified and experienced obstetricians, to antenatal classes and hands on family activities to prepare you for the arrival of your new family member, they take care of everything.


Being prepared is the key to a healthy and safe pregnancy. For a recommended obstetrician, you can visit to book an appointment and learn about the comprehensive services offered conveniently at one location. Visit